A Very Memorable Afternoon

COVID has been with us for more than two years now. And there are no signs yet that it will be going anytime soon. However, we are still unsure whether staying at home or going out is better for us. 

We grew up living a normal daily life: we go to school or work, then go home after schooling or work shifts. On weekends, we would go to the mall for a stroll or drive to the countryside to breathe fresh air. 

Due to the pandemic, our lives have changed. We need to stay at home for most of the day and go out only as needed. We have to wear masks (and face shields for some countries like ours) to protect ourselves from the deadly coronavirus. We could not even enjoy the fresh air we need to clear our minds after feeling stuffy from being imprisoned in our homes. 

And if you live in a condo unit like us, the space is very limited. Unlike those who live in bigger houses, we have only a little space to move. I may look like I am complaining, but I am just stating a fact. Even though it is easier to clean a one-bedroom unit, it would be better to have more room at home if you stay indoors almost 24/7. 

During the first few months after the virus outbreak, we stayed home almost all the time. We did not even visit our in-laws because we were afraid of getting infected by the virus. During that time, no vaccines were available, so everyone was afraid to go out unless they needed to restock on food. 

My husband did everything. He went to the grocery to buy our necessities. He was the only one that could go out, especially since I had to take care of our newborn. Thankfully, I gave birth vaginally, so the pain was way bearable compared to mommas who had undergone a caesarian section. 

I was very thankful to my husband because he was very supportive. I wanted to breastfeed our baby, and he was there to help me when I needed one. He knew it was hard to be alone and to care for a newborn, so he was always ready whenever I needed his help. 

Fast forward to having to live with masks on and taking extra efforts to stay healthy, we decided it was time to try to get back to normal. We decided it was time to visit my husband’s parents, especially since my father-in-law’s birthday was coming around that time. Everyone was so glad to see one another after so many months of not seeing each other. The grandparents were especially happy to see their grandson after seeing him only on video calls. 

The days passed, and weeks flew by. My husband finally decided the three of us needed to get out to less crowded places for a change of view. He was especially concerned about me being stuck in a 50 sqm unit and was afraid that I might get postpartum depression from being away from our normal life for so long. Plus, our newborn has not gone out since he was three months, so we think that it was finally time to bring him out.

We drove to Farmhills Garden in Tagaytay to have a relaxing afternoon. There was a light rain when we arrived there, which made the weather a bit chilly. It was one great evening because our 22-month-old son had finally set foot outside since the pandemic started. 

There were not so many people when we arrived, which was a great way to escape the crowded city. We ordered our son’s favourite menu: pizza and pumpkin soup. We also ordered bulalo (Filipino beef marrow stew) and sisig (chopped pork, onions, and chili served on a hot plate). 

To finish off the delectable dinner we had, we also ordered a hot cup of white mocha. 

Short and simple as it was, it was a very memorable afternoon for me. I could say that things like these are what make me fall head over heels in love with the man I chose to live with. It does not have to be expensive to be happy, but it is always the thoughts that count. 

We might not be able to afford the most expensive branded materials like how the rich do. But we certainly know how to tug each other’s hearts to ensure we both feel loved. Some might think that I am silly to be jumping with glee over something that is not that much. But I believe that each one has a different taste when it comes to being happy. 

And to live is choosing to be happy even in the simplest of ways. I am not saying that we do not fight, because we do. Just like any other couple who argue about the pettiest things, we also have misunderstandings now and then. But what is essential is that at the end of the day, you know deep down that you both love one another. And that is all that matters. 🙂

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