If You Want to Be Healthy and Happy, Try Zig Healthy Made Happy

Zig Healthy Made Happy – I have always been a sucker for healthy eating. And I love eating my greens because it makes me feel less guilty (LOL!). So I’ve tried Zig Healthy Made Happy and I’ll be trying the other variants anytime soon. 

I went to the mall alone one day because I needed some me time to search for formal wear to attend a party. It was the first time since forever that I went malling on my own. I’ve been clinging to my toddler ever since he was born.

And since I had no choice but to head out first, while my toddler was busy dating his dad, I grabbed the chance to be all alone. So, I was all alone strolling in the mall to find a dress. 

I was so busy searching that time passed by so fast. I didn’t even feel hungry, or maybe I did not notice it as I was dedicated to finding the right dress to wear, as the party is over the weekend, and that was the only free time I had.

zig healthy made happy, counter

And after I found the best one for my body type, I checked the time and found that it was already half past one in the afternoon. So I gave myself a break and decided to have lunch. I found myself wandering and couldn’t think of what to eat. 

Suddenly, I walked past Zig Healthy Made Happy and remembered that I’d been wanting to try it out. However, since we have a toddler who is allergic to the color green, I couldn’t try it out for the times I passed through the store. 

Zig Healthy Made Happy menu

zig healthy made happy menu, zig menu, salad menu
Lots of healthy greens to choose from.

I checked the counter to see what the cooks were doing and saw that they had a lot of fresh vegetables to choose from. There was only a pair of customer ordering food, and there were 2 occupied tables waiting for their orders. 

I glanced through the menu to see what hits the spot. And it kept me undecided for about 5 minutes because they all looked appetizing. Even the names of the wraps and salad bowls were enough to rev your appetite. 

Zig Healthy Made Happy also has open-face sandwiches, pizzas, party trays, and soups. It also sells beverages like Cucumber Basil Lemonade and Lychee Brewed Iced Tea. But if you also want an even healthier version, you can try out its Kombucha drinks. 

Kombucha health benefits

You must’ve heard about kombucha but is not sure what it is. A fermented beverage, kombucha is formed when you add the symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria to black or green tea with sugar

Having a slightly sweet and tart flavor, kombucha is rich in healthy vitamins like antioxidants, organic acids, B vitamins, and small amounts of alcohol. Usually, kombucha drink makers add fruit juices or herbs to add different flavors to the drink. 

In Zig Healthy Made Happy, you can choose between Pineapple Ginger Calamansi, Guyabano, or Watermelon Kiat Kiat flavors for your Kombucha drink. I couldn’t try them out because I still need to find another long dress for another party. 

Maybe I’d try them out if I’m in the mood for a healthy drink. In the meantime, I will enjoy drinking more water as it always feels better in the body. Of course, I brought a bottle with me to stay hydrated while I was in search of my outfit. 

Let’s Taco About It

lets taco about it, taco wrap, taco salad, zig healthy made happy
Let’s Taco About It sliced into two for easier handling.

I was torn between Let’s Taco About It and No Fig Deal. Mexican or Italian food always catches my eye especially when I’m eating alone. However, I wanted to try No Fig Deal as I seldom see food with fig fruit. 

However, in the end, Let’s Taco About It won and I decided to order the wrap instead of the bowl as I wanted to finish eating fast. I even thought about walking while eating, however, since I had to wait for my order, I decided to take a seat at the few dining tables of the snack bar. 

And when my Let’s Taco About It wrap arrived, I chose to eat while sitting as the wrap looked messy to eat. Although the cook wrapped everything together well, I realized that a few small pieces of my wrap ingredient might fall out if I eat while walking. 

After opening my wrap, I was glad to find it cut in half. It was packed with green veggies, corn, ground beef, and beans. As I took a bite, my sense of taste instantly recognized the smell of taco. 

The sauce that was included was a bit spicy and tangy. The taste of Let’s Taco About It will remind you of eating nachos with beef and salsa, only that soft taco wrap substitutes the crunchy nacho chips.

lets taco about it, taco wrap, taco salad. taco
The wrap is stuffed so heavily you would surely be full.

It was a healthy meal indeed, because of all the veggies included. The beans and ground beef had added to the feeling of fullness, just enough to relieve your hunger. And I know for sure that I’d be coming back again in the future. 

Zig Healthy Made Happy branches 

If you want to try Zig Healthy Made Happy, you can find it in many branches. Its stores are in Robinson’s Magnolia, SM City North EDSA, Greenhills, SM Grand Central, High Street South, Glorietta, and SM Aura.

zig healthy made happy, zig salad, salad bowl
Choose the perfect size of salad bowl for your hunger needs!

The takeaway

I always want to be happy and healthy by eating food that I like. And thankfully, a part of what I like is eating my greens. Zig Healthy Made Happy can easily become any health-conscious’ favorite. 

Which flavor of salad or wrap did you find most amusing? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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