How To Bounce Back After Getting Sick

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A week ago, I’ve been very ill and all I wanted to do was to lie down. A few days after, hubby caught the bug too, and soon, our toddler showed signs of illness too. Thankfully, we are all going through the recovery phase right now. 

For the past 2 years, we’ve been exposed to the COVID virus whether it be catching the flu, or through vaccines. And while we are afraid of getting that 2 pink lines, we also hate it when other viruses penetrate our bodies. 

However, since we can’t totally protect our bodies from illnesses, what we can do instead is by knowing what to do when we get sick. And when we do, sometimes, it’s hard to bounce back after getting sick. 

How to bounce back after getting sick

If you want to know how to get back to normal after being sick, you need to know that it takes time to regain what you’ve lost. Bear in mind that you are still in the recovery phase, so you shouldn’t tire your body just yet. 

Here are some of the helpful ways on how to regain energy after being sick. 


how to bounce back after getting sick

Getting sick after recovery is not what you want to happen to you. Our bodies need rest to get back in shape, especially after a sickness. If you don’t want to get a cold back, you have to make sure you are well before you can go back to your usual routine. 

Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per night to help your body recover from sickness. Take a rest when you feel like you need to because your body is still in its vulnerable state. And during this phase, you can easily catch another bug if you are not careful. 


Drink, drink, drink. No matter if it is water, soup, or hot tea, drinking is the way to go to eliminate that pesky virus. Avoid caffeinated drinks that cause you to dehydrate. Avoid sugary drinks that introduce acidity to your body. 

Staying hydrated can benefit your body in many ways. Besides helping remove toxins from the body, water helps to regulate body temperature, so it also helps with fever. Drinking water has also been proven to prevent headaches

Eat healthy meals

Many lose appetite when they are sick, and because of that, you need to regain vitamins lost during recovery. Some have lost their sense of taste and smell when they are ill. How long it takes to get your strength back after being sick will depend on how you treat your body. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins that help you recover from illness. Meat can help provide you with energy to help strengthen your body. By eating healthily, you are not only helping your body bounce back after getting sick but also, protecting it from other viruses. 

Take warm showers

I grew up in a household wherein you avoid taking showers when you are sick. However, taking hot showers can benefit you especially when you are sick. For one, you can relieve clogged or stuffy noses with warm showers. 

The steam from the hot water helps loosen up the phlegm and expel it. Steam inhalation also does wonders when removing clogged noses. In the same way, drinking how fluids like soups and teas can also help soften mucus in your nose. 

Go outdoors

You might be afraid to go outdoors when you are sick, but sometimes, it can be helpful. Being exposed to nature can help make you feel better. Research proves that by being connected with nature, a person can become happier and decreases mental distress

And by being happy, you get positive vibes thereby helping you to recover from sickness. Also, when you are happy, you think more about how to care for your body, so you are more likely to do what is needed to become healthy. 

If you are still weak, avoid crowded areas and go to places where people do not go often. You can visit parks and places that have open areas to get fresh air. We’ve been to many places and enjoyed the cool breeze without the noise of the crowd. 

Take supplements

Besides eating healthily, another way on how to bounce back from the flu or other illness is by taking supplements. I found that when I take vitamin C when I’m sick, it helps to shorten the duration of my illness.

On the other hand, taking supplements during recovery also aids in strengthening your immune system. You can also try taking vitamin C with zinc can help build more resistance against infections. 

I haven’t tried taking zinc yet but will be looking for supplements that contain it for better health. Meanwhile, I will eat more meat and oysters as they contain an ample amount of zinc. You can also find zinc in dairy products, nuts, beans, and crab. 

Replace toiletries and sheets

You wouldn’t want to get sick back to back, so one of the best ways to do this is by replacing the things you’ve been using since you were sick. Some items such as toothbrushes and bed sheets can still carry infectious viruses so changing them helps remove any residue from your illness. 

Go easy on yourself

Now that you feel better, you might be excited to go back to your normal routine. However, it’s better to ease your way back slowly because your body is still regaining strength. If you want to work out, you can do so but try light ones first. 

Listen to your body and know whether you can do stuff or still need to rest. You wouldn’t want to get sick again just because you forced your weakened body. And when you are fully well, you can return to your old habits and continue caring for your body to prevent getting sick again. 

The takeaway

Knowing how to bounce back after getting sick can help you get back to your daily activities without risking getting infected again. Remember that you are still recovering, so you have to be careful not to fall sick again by overworking your body. 

I hope this post has helped you in any way. Do you have other thoughts to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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