Crazy for Food

Nowadays, food is considered as one of the necessities that costs highly in the world. Though it would always depend on which country or what food you are eating, high quality food would really cost more expensive compared to those with little to no nutrients at all.

However, since the millennium has come, I noticed that more and more people are becoming a foody. Foody are what we call people who are enthusiastic in trying out new stuffs to take in by mouth. And I am a proud one! Teehee 😀

I have noticed that now, more and more restaurants are being built and becoming famous – especially those that come from different parts of the world. A lot of people are crazy into trying out new food stalls, fast food chains, Taiwan milkteas, coffees, Chinese soups and hotpots, Korean barbecue grills, Japanese sushis, Italian pizzas, pastas and gelatos, Spanish paellas and chipirones, and many more.

When a new store opens up, or is getting ready to start their soft opening, food fanatics would line up like blockbusters only to be among the first ones to purchase and try out the new food. There are even times that we also do that, but later on, we found out that soon, the buzz starts to lie low, and that is the time that we would be trying out on them. Still the same taste though, so there is not much of a difference on being the first few, or being the last few.

I know a milktea store that has started a long time ago, but only a few people would go there to order, and we were among those few. And we are unsure why people don’t bother going crazy over it since their drink taste not lesser than those other people go to. But the bright side is that we can get to enjoy without the hassle. Then one day, we do not know what happened, but suddenly, all the people are now looking into our favorite brand. Really? We were thinking, that what has gotten to these people? And why suddenly, almost all their branches are full, with long lines, even some from those who were ordering online. It started just a few months back, and up until now, it is still unclear to us what happened. But lucky for the store owner since now they are earning.

I used to want to open my own restaurant. However, since I did not finish a culinary course, I am not eligible to operate one. But maybe, if God wanted, then maybe, I would. 🙂

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