Perfect Moments

“I found the love for me.. 🎶 Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead.. Well I found the girl, beautiful and sweet.. 🎶 I never knew you were that someone, waiting for me..🎶”

– Perfect by Ed Sheeran

This is the song we used for our first dance. And even if 120,353 minutes had past since that moment we stood in front of 65 tables of guests dancing to the rhythm, I still get goosebumps upon hearing the song playing in our background. I think that maybe even if years and decades had past, I would still feel the way and I would still remember the feeling we had when all eyes were on us.

I thank God because He helped us learn the dance in two days (I am glad because our choreographer was our good friend), with some revisions due to restrictions in some movements brought about by my fluffy ball gown. Come to think of it, we could’ve got more problems had I chose to wear the serpentina style. Thank God it was not an option.

I remember clearly that I was all nervous at the start of the dance. For one, standing in front of a crowd made me tremble, much more so if we are the center of attention. And another thing is because of my gown, because we had trouble during our last practice. And I was glad that during that moment, all I thought of is that I have to do it no matter what.

So when everything was over, I couldn’t help but smile and be glad that even if I felt frozen and could not move a single step, I know that God is there to cheer me on, and the looks on the faces of the people whom I care about, helped push me to give my best. Not only on our big day, but also on the days that will come by.

Each one of us has their fears and worries, but we should not let it stop us from doing what our hearts want. And as most of the time that I hear, they say that if there is no guts then there is no glory, and that we should live our lives to the fullest. No matter how hard or how many hurdles that we face, we should remember that God will always be there just around the corner to help us even without us asking Him out. He will be there to light our paths and He will be more than willing to walk with us and bear the weight on our shoulder. So do not be afraid if you are not sure about your future, for whatever it is, for sure, a pot of gold awaits us in the end. 🙂

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