Partners in Crime

After getting married, I am always the one responsible for food. My husband buys raw meat and I do the cooking. I get excited at the thought of it. Because it has been my dream to show off my skills with my partner. I also do research on what to cook – since there are a lot recipes to find in the internet. And I am glad that now they are more accessible, compared to before when you had to buy a super extra large hard covered cooking book in the nearby bookstore. And boy, they are not cheap.

Most of the time, I’d be thinking of what to serve at home before my day in the office ends. And I totally like it. At times I would be looking forward to the dinner that we will be having just thinking about my plans.

However, there are times that I am just to tired to make lunch or dinner. I would feel restless just thinking about the dishes that I have to clean afterwards. This happened to me about early this year. Even though that we are just newly weds that time. I would be irritated whenever things get out of hand. I would pout and be angry over the smallest of things.

Thank God that I have a more patient husband. For even if there are times that we clash (I know this is impossible to eliminate, because well, we are just starting out on our own), but at the end of the day, he will still be the one that I know I could run to, and hold on to, and not to mention barked into when I had to release stress inside of me.

I hope that God allow us to have a meaningful life together. Grow our own family. Be responsible and loving parents. Be closer to God. And make Him the center of our marriage. 🙂

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