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Happy Birthday

The other day was my husband’s birthday. So since we planned to eat dinner with his family that night, I was determined to get out of the office at 5PM sharp – which you know how traffic it is when I come out later than 5, and which makes a huge difference on the time of me arriving home. So that day, I did my best to finish all my work before 4PM, though I am sure that there are still some works that would be route to my queue after 4.

It took me a while to get myself free from the day, and as I check my queue before I leave, making sure that all the tasks that needs to be done are finished before I shut down, I found 2 new works for me that should be done within the day. Sigh. Talk about right timing. 🙁 Thank God that I did not get hot tempered but just carried on with my remaining job and was able to finish at 10 minutes past the dismissal time. Not that bad, but normally I would be rushing off and be bad mouthing the person who caused me my delay. However, though I was in a rush to ride the FX (common air conditioned public transportation in our country), I was in all smiles and was thinking of what flavor of cake to buy for my love.

When I arrived at the mall near our home, I quickly headed to the bakery and took my time on choosing the right cake for him. And after choosing one, I paid for it. And while waiting for them to pack, his sister came by, and was actually planning also to buy a cake for him. Thank goodness we bumped into each other. Otherwise, we would have too much cake to eat. Had I arrived earlier, we wouldn’t have met, and things could have gotten out of hand.

I was glad that I was able to brush off all ill feelings and did not let the devil to fill me up and that could have caused me to fight with my colleague. In reality, it is hard to not harbor anger when situations like this arise, especially when what happens in our life is not exactly how we wanted and planned them to be. But we should always remember that what happens to our life will always be how God has planned them to be. That no matter how much we try to do our best and make what we want to happen happen, God will always be in control and could always change situations to fit into His plans. I could have gotten angry over the small inconvenience, but thank goodness that I did not entertain the evil thoughts and feelings. If ever I did, I would be regretful again for being mean to someone who did not even do any harm to me.

I should try my best still to face every happening in this life positively. I may not be that mature enough to accept things when they don’t go my way, but I know that I am a work in progress. And that God will always be there to support me all the time. 🙂

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