Lemons for Mango Shake

If you want to make mango shake, and you asked God for mangoes, but He gave you lemons, you should make lemonade instead.

Because mango shake will not taste good with lemons. 😛

As a human living in this materialistic world, we tend to have lots of stuff that we want to have. From the most famous fruit branded handphones to the largest screened laptops, from the different high end bags and shoes that we often see in magazines and televisions, from trendy clothes and overly priced food on the menu of rising fast food chain restaurants, we would be more than willing to pay for every cent to be able to post an Instagram worthy shot on social media – and gain thousands of likes. I couldn’t blame you. Because I too am guilty of wanting to be liked and loved by the people around me.

But not all of us are lucky enough to be able to afford these luxuries in life. Some people would even borrow money from others to be able to buy their wants (not needs) to gain fame. Oftentimes, we get so excited over the material things that we see, that we fail to notice what God has already provided for us in life.

When we ask God for the stuffs that we ‘want’, it does not necessarily mean that we will receive exactly how we asked Him for. So when God gives us lemons instead of mangoes, we make lemonade. It means that when God sends us lemons, it is because He knows that that is what’s best for us, for what sells better than mango shakes? Lemonade!

God will always give us blessings better than what we have been asking for, because as a Father, He knows us the best. He knows what we really need and He wants us to make good use of what He has blessed us with. It is not bad to have dreams and aspirations that seem impossible for us to achieve, but what we should remember is that we can always ask God for anything, and fear not, for God will send us way better than what we deserve.

Have you noticed that your life has been better with God in the center of it? Share them with us. 🙂

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