Trust Issues

I hate it when people ask me about something and then they do not believe in whatever I will be saying. I am like, “If you don’t believe in me, then why on earth do you still inquire with me?” I know I may sound too bitchy, but I just feel that way. I don’t like it when people do not trust what I say. For example, when I tell somebody, that, “hey, taking up too much low calorie artificial sweeteners can worsen your diabetes”, and then he goes like, “if that is so, then why did my doctor allowed me to take them?” And then silence is all I could answer because I know that saying more would not stop this person from taking the aspartame. Inside of me is crying because of two things: 1 is because I care about this person that is why I am stopping him from taking in too much of this dangerous chemical, and 2, my heart is crushed because he thinks that I am not convincing enough to make him break his habit.

Gaining trust from someone is hard from the beginning. More so, if you have once broken their faith in you. As the saying goes:

“It is tougher to mend broken [heart] something, just like how hard it is to bring the broken vase back to its orginal form. The cracks will always be there and seen and never return to its whole state.”

I won’t deny it. Inside of me is almost always broken.

But thanks be to God. For He heals all the most painful and deep wounds. Wounds that cannot be seen by naked eye. Those that lie deep inside of us. He has the most ever effective pain killer there is, and without costing any penny. The only payment we need to do is to get down on our knees, bow down our heads, and seek God. Pray to Him, look up to Him, seek Him, and ask for His help. Without a doubt, He will send you answers and solutions to everything that you ask of Him. All you have to do is to wait for His perfect timing. Always remember that no time is wasted while waiting for God’s response. Because only, in His time, will everything fall into its proper places. 🙂

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