How to be Right, the Right Way

Have you ever encountered people who always seems to be right even when you are sure that they are wrong? What do you do? How would you react?

I always do. And everytime, I would react loudly and force them to accept my way. Because I know that I am right. And I won’t stop until they give in. And if they would not let me be, I would get angry. But then is this the right way? Is this what God wants us to show to the people around us? It is in human’s nature to believe in oneself, that’s why you can’t blame them. But God teaches us to become understanding. He wants us to show the people He sent us how to be right in His eyes. And He  wants us to always portray His teachings and to become good to our neighbors.

Titus 3:9 – But avoid foolish controversies, arguments about genealogies, quarrels, and fights about the Law. These things are useless and worthless. 

Let us not argue about the smallest of things. If someone purposefully argues with you and makes you mad, ignore his words, breathe in and out, and then walk away.

If someone does not believe in what you say, forget about the issue.

I always want to stick these in my mind, and hope that I will be able to apply this to my life always. I know that God will always be here to listen to my cries and reasoning. And I hope to be able to change my way of thinking for God. 😊

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