Constant Change

I’ve been looking at old pictures of Hong Kong from a long time ago. From one website I found that they have compared the old photos and new photos taken from exactly the same spot. I fancy looking at these old pictures and seeing how they look like now, and it is nice to see that some parts are different while a part of it still includes the look it had years back.

And even though it gives me goosebumps everytime I see them, it kinda amazes me how a certain place have changed through the years.

Just like how we do. Change really is inevitable. Because just as the technology and our surroundings change, our lives and the way we do things also change.

If before, the only way to express our thoughts is by writing (other than drawing), few years had passed, then there came the typewriters, where pushing a letter hard could automatically leave a mark on the clean sheet of paper. And then not long ago, computers were invented where in we can spell out words instantly (just like how I am doing it right now), not to mention, being able to click “backspace” whenever I will be typing a wrong letter. I remember my mom was telling her story that before during their time in school, they were trained in typewriter’s, and the only way to erase incorrect letters was by using a “white out” – which is just like what we use to cover up incorrectly written words by a ballpoint pen.

I am not sure when typewriters or computers are invented, however, one thing is for certain, and that is we will always experience constant change in our life that we have to adapt to – that in a split of a second, change is already happening without us knowing.

When I got married 10 months ago, I knew that a lot will change in my life. And I know that during that time, I have not equipt myself for what lies ahead of me. I am new to this forever-tied-to-a-single-person-who-will-annoy-me-for-the-rest-of-my-life, and I know that I still have to know him more. But because I know that no matter what happens to me, or what hurdles I encounter, I will always have God by my side (and oh, I am so glad that I also have my husband too 🙂 ), I fear not. I may not have all the riches of the world, but God sent someone to me to help me grow as a person, and love me in times when I am not lovable. And what’s the best quality that I love most about him (so far), is that he is willing to ‘change‘ for the better.  This makes me want to change more to become a better person.

Growing up, I used to be scared of becoming an adult because of what I usually hear. People have been saying that studying is so much easier than life is after graduation. True enough. Just remembering that I have bills to pay monthly, and that I have to stay healthy and be a better wife to my husband, be a better child to both my parents and my in laws, how to provide edible food to my family, how to handle appliances that are not working at home, how to do household chores despite being tired, how to save money despite the continuing increase in expenses, and many many more — all these provide enough stress to whiten every strand of my hair!

But to all those who are soon to be wedded, or are just newly weds, fret not.. For so long as we believe that God will forever guide us, no storm is too strong to blow us away, nor is there any problems too hard for us to face, because God has already planned everything from the start. We just have to trust Him. So let go and let God. 🙂

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