Swim Away

I just had a nice dip in our condominium pool 3 hours ago. Yes it is lunch time, and the sun hits directly at me, but I didn’t mind since I was equipped with sunblock all over my head and arms. I just had to release the tension and stress that had been built up inside of me. The workload last week had been too much that I had headache, backache and whichever ache that one can feel. And I could not understand what has been happening with my body recently. Before, I used to be doing the same stuff and was alright even if I had been seated on my desk nonstop for 4 hours. Probably due to age, or lack of sleep, or incomplete vitamins, but the reason is still unclear right now, though thank God for another day off from work, so that I can find myself and be relieved of the stress that had been clinging unto me for the past days.

And so as I swam my way through the 5 feet deep pool alone, I paddled my way everywhere for me to feel better. And I did as much movements as I can – since this way, I can have a bit cardio exercise to help my body release oxytocin (the hormone responsible for making us feel good and happy). And after an hour of playing in the waters, I decided to get out to wash and have lunch.

And boy I feel a lot better than I did last night. I thank God for another day today. For that I can be well rested and be at peace with myself.

Even though that I still feel a little tingling on my head, I am glad for later this evening I will a lot of rest again to ready myself again for the day tomorrow.

As I looked back, I remember learning to swim when I was around 10. I did not go to any swimming lesson as it is a bit expensive, but since I have an aunt who knows only the basic, she taught me how. She told me to raise my arms in front of me and I have to kick to move. Slowly I learned to swim and it felt good. And then I started trying to float by myself and I was glad to learn how. And then just few years back, I saw my cousin going deeper, she knows how as she attended her classes attentively. And so I also wanted to learn them too. And by God’s grace, I can do it now too. 🙂

Truly nothing is impossible if we put our hearts into learning. I am thankful for having complete set of limbs for a easier movement and be able to do the stuffs that I want to do. Though I am not saying that other people are incapable, but I have seen a lot of disabled people who more often than not, perform better than those with complete arms and legs.

I hope that normal people can help make a world a better place to live in especially for the people who needs help the most. Because that way, our life on Earth will be a bit more pleasant to live in, knowing that there are people who we can rely on to. 🙂



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