Shy Away From Arguments

Not all of us have the same opinion regarding certain matters. So it is inevitable that arguments arise when we don’t feel like agreeing with the people around us, especially when we use incorrect tone and words towards one another.

I always get into arguments more often than not. I must admit that when I get hot headed I tend to blurt out hurful words and I know that there are a lot of things to say. There are times that I get so loud that people think that I am angry, when in truth, I am just excited or full of emotions.

Actually, I don’t like it when people ask me that question. I don’t know why. But eveytime I hear them say, “Are you angry?” or, “Why are you getting angry?”, it really makes me angry even if initially, I am not.

So what then is the best way for me to handle such kind of stress?

These past few days, I am proud to say that I was able to control my feelings especially towards those that trigger me to become grumpy. I was able to stop, breathe deeply, and then think first before throwing fit. And while I did this, I was happy because first, I was able to change for the better, and second, I kept myself from hurting someone else.

So I hope that I can do these steps again, and be able to prevent myself from being a mean person to everyone. Because just yesterday, I broke my record, and got angry at my friend again. Thank goodness that we did not see each other personally and we talked through SMS only. But as guilty as I was, I said mean sentences to her, and after doing so, I got to my senses and stopped responding to her text messages. I decided to ignore her for the time being, to prevent from hurting her further. Because you know that an angry person could always have too much to say.

And so to be angryless, I did my household chores and my usual routine to get my mind off the argument. And then after that, I was okay again. And that’s the time I replied her. It was then I told her that everything’s fine. And yeah, I was sorry for her – for acting crazy to her again.

I hope that in the future I could be able to extend my patience and be a mature christian, so that I can show others how to become a role model as God’s child. 🙂


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