Do Not Judge

“Oh, that girl looks like she was dumped! Poor girl. ”

“Really? I think that guy was the one who did something wrong. He probably deserved what happened to him.”

“I heard that that person was not liked by everyone else, maybe because he has an attitude.”

“Oh what a mean person. Maybe that’s the reason why she is not liked by other people.”

How many times have we judged a person? Me? I can say that a lot. As mean as I feel I am, I tend to judge people especially how I see them and believe them to be. I know that it is wrong, but there are just times when I couldn’t help but do so.

Whenever I see a person who got an attitude, I would immediately think that something is wrong with that person. That he could be spoiled by his parents, or grandparents. Or that he just does not want to abide by the rules provided by school or office. That even if he gets jailed, it doesn’t matter, because what matters is that he gets to do what he wants to do. Little did I know, maybe, just maybe that person could be undergoing some serious problem or situation that I can never understand. Though obviously, I wouldn’t dare ask.

Oftentimes, I tend to judge people due to their inappropriate action.

But what did God tell us?

God does not want us to judge people. Instead, we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Because behind every action, there could be a history that we do not know, and might not have a chance to know.

God said that we should “Judge no one, if you do not want to be judged.” Because just like eveyone else, we also do not want to be judged unrighteously right? So let us not act the way we do not want others to act with us.

While yes, it is hard especially that nowadays, gossiping and hearing about a certain people is easy – just try browsing through your facebook account. Everyday we unconsciously see people posting about other people that they encounter and so even if we do not want to, we tend to reply to their posts criticizing others and judging them. So we should always remember to think first before saying anything or replying to any messages posted on social media.

Also, we should remember that we are not judge to do their work. Because at the end of this lifetime, only God is the one that has the right to judge us – on how well we did in this short lived non permanent life that He lent us. 🙂

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