When Sleep is Not Around

Being unable to sleep at night leaves the person perks.

What made me say? Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep again. I don’t know why, but some nights really just wouldn’t let me enter the dreamland. To make things worse, I have to get up early the next day to report to work on a holiday. No problem with me, as I got used to working on holidays – and some advantages as you know, less traffic and you earn double. Win win right?

Well what are the perks that I noticed as I gaze upon our dark ceiling in the night?

For one, I get to enjoy the moments of quietness and stillness of the night. I get to focus on my deep breathing and count how many inhales and exhales I can do in a minute. I can get to stare at my husbands face and admire his assets and criticize his flaws at the same time. And I get to think of stuffs that I did not bother thinking about when I was busy finishing the day off. And finally, I can get to rest fully and relax as I wait for myself to fall asleep.

But what really makes me glad is that when I have my alone time in the wee hours in the night, I get to talk to God and get closer to Him – since I would be praying to Him to help me fall asleep and help me get up the next morning on time. And I get to have free flowing conversation without me worrying about time or anything in particular since everything is quiet and I know that I have God along my side to protect me from any unpretty happening that might occur.

So really, instead of panicking in the middle of the night, I get to rejoice (well, because this happens only seldomly, if it did every night, then it is a different story 😀 ) for I am reunited with our creator, and He is almighty that not a single body can get past Him to harm me.

So next time around that you can’t fall into deep sleep, remember to seek God for help. Because maybe that is the only time that God wants to hear from you without any disturbances from everything in life form. 🙂

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