Unasked Help

Yesterday, we experienced a heavy rain brought about by two conjoining typhoons. Scary enough when you hear it, but here in our country, we are used to hearing news of floods and brown-outs (that’s what we say when we have insufficient electricity supply) whenever rain floods the city, even if there is no typhoon yet.

Due to this rain and flooding that occurred, some of our colleagues were unable to report to work, because one, they could not travel through the dirty river that could be carrying leptospirosis (a disease that could be brought when toxic urine of rats and mice flows with the flood) that is deadly, and another reason is, they are not sure if they will be able to return home in one piece if it would rain non stop for the whole day. So then, when this one specific colleague of mine could not come in to work, I would be the one to backfill her absence.

She sent me a message early morning to inform me that she would be staying home for the day. Uh oh. Bad news. Knowing that we have a heavy workload these past few months, I know that I have to render overtime for work. So the moment I entered our production floor, without delays, I did everything I can to complete the work that needs to be done. I even drank a cup of coffee (which I am trying to control, I hate it because I think I am developing caffeine addiction!), to help me run throughout the day. And so, when I reached the afternoon of so much work, I ended up feeling stressed with tired watery eyes at the end of the shift. However, since there are still some left for me to complete, I had to resist the urge to shut my eyes and finished everything that has to be done within the day.

Whew! I extended only for 30 minutes, thank goodness. I was expecting to have to finish them for an additional of at least an hour. And to think, my fiance was going to pick me up after work, I already informed him that I might have to work overtime. And so, when I shut my computer off, I hurriedly went out to check on my phone. And to my dismay, I received some messages from my fiance, saying that he won’t be able to fetch me because there were floods everywhere. Oh no. And then, my sister and her boyfriend already left thinking that I was going home with my fiance. Tsktsk. And then, after a few seconds of whining in my head and thinking of an easier way to get home, I scrolled through my phone and read a message from my mom saying that they are going somewhere near my office, asking me if I would want to meet up with them. Wow! Just wow. I can’t believe how God loves me this much that He sent me someone to help get home safely yesterday. And take note that I have not yet even asked for His help. Here in our country, when it rains, even if it is just a short period of time, it floods and traffic is bad, really bad, not to mention having to commute is even harder. I have once experienced staying in line for a jeepney for an hour and a half until somebody fetched me from the terminal. But God knows that and heard me even if I have not complained yet, because He is always ready for us. He knows our needs, and what our heart wants – even without Him hearing them. He will give you anything, just ask and believe. God really is wonderful 🙂

Psalm 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Matthew 7:8 – “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

God will forever be there for us. We just have to seek and ask deeply – and to do this, we need to have a connection with Him, for only He will listen and hear what’s deep in our hearts, as long as we will seek Him and we should always remember that only He fulfills our wishes and dreams. May God bless us always. 🙂

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