God Forever Listens

I don’t like it if a person hurts me and then he will apologize to me, then say that “Sorry, I am only just a human being.” Although yeah, it is true that he is only human, and humans make mistakes, consciously or unconsciously, it does not justify nor make him get away from hurting someone.

I know I hurt people too. But as much as possible, when I ask for their forgiveness, I don’t say the famous line that I often hear. I just do and then pray for that person to be fine, and seek God’s help to make me a better person.

I am glad that God does not get tired of hearing our cries everytime. Because if He does, then it should have happened a long time ago, because I call out His name several times within a day – and saying lots of stuff that normal people wouldn’t want to hear. But I am glad that He listens and gives me answers to questions and longings that I need.

So I would just like to remind everyone that in everything that you do, whether happy or sad, but you don’t have anyone to talk to, you may pray to God. For He listens to whatever we want to share with Him – may it be good or bad – He would gladly and patiently sit with us, and hear us, and help us despite that we have many shortcomings. That as our Father, He accepts us and would only want what’s best for us. 🙂

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