Sick No More

I was sleeping soundly last night but was awoken by my non stop coughing. I do not know where I got this from. All I remember is that I started with a little dry cough but then ended up (dry cough still) with a little bit of feeling of throwing up in the middle of the night. Woah! I had to hide in the bathroom to keep my husband from waking up from his deep sleep. And then it felt like forever for me to stop barking. One moment I would get up to spit phlegm, and another moment I would go back to the bed to try to fall asleep again. But it went on and on, until tears fell on my cheeks. Look at what a cough can do.. Tsktsk..

And then it hit me. Why didn’t I thought of that earlier? Why hadn’t I sought God’s help this time? And so while remembering to apply a menthol on my throat and feet, I was mumbling and kept praying to God to help relieve me from this stressful sickness that has been with me since 3 days ago. Goodness. And then after that, I laid on the bed again and tried my luck this time.

And to my surprise (to which I felt only on the next day), once again, my prayer was answered. God relieved me from my suffering once again. And as always, He didn’t have to hear me utter the same words over and over, He just wanted me to seek His help as my physical body and the drugs that I know could not do anything to help me.

Psalm 41:3 – The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed; In his illness, You restore hin to health.

It has been so long since I fell this sick. But maybe God just wants me to rely to Him and seek His help. No matter how heavy or how hard, He will be there to heal us and relieve us of suffering. Let us not forget Him all the time – with or without sickness or problem. We should always pray and seek His guidance. 🙂

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