Date Nights: Why It Is Essential for a Healthy Family

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Last Sunday, I and my husband decided to have a date night. And that means we have to leave our little one to my in-laws’ care. I was hesitant at first, but I realised that it has been a while since we last dated. 

Date nights as a couple should be part of your routine because it is needed for a healthy family. Children need to know that when they grow up and get married, the time off from kids can is a great way to rekindle couple relationships. 

Why is date night important for marriage?

As a couple, we often forget about our vows made during the wedding. One of them is to love one another until the end. Being busy with work, house chores, planning and cooking meals, and taking care of kids sometimes make us forget our vow. 

A part of me that makes me think twice about having date nights is mom guilt. I am cautious about how other people would see me if I leave my child in somebody else’s care. I am guilty of enjoying the “night” without my child. 

However, when parents have date nights, it is a way to reconnect with one another. When couples have children, they sometimes tend to forget one another because they have to meet their children’s needs. 

Being responsible parents, we feel that we need to be always there for our young children. We always make sure that our children feel loved, well-fed, and have clean clothes to wear. And due to our busy everyday schedules, we forget that we still have one human being to take care of, our spouses. 

When we make time for date nights, our significant other would feel they are special. The best part of having dates is that you can feel the bond that started when you first started dating. Date nights help couples get back the energy that they need to serve and make families feel loved. 

Date nights ideas

There are so many things you can do as a couple on your date. Make sure that you leave everything you have to think about so that you could enjoy your partner’s company. Turn off your cell phones if you must, it helps not to be distracted for the best date night experience. 

Here are some suggestions for you to do: 

  • Learn a new hobby
  • Play your favorite sport together 
  • Prepare and cook food together
  • Dinner date at home
  • Bond at a coffee shop
  • Visit a museum or park 
  • Watch a movie
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant
  • Workout together

…And etc. The list is just a helpful guide if you are lost on what you can enjoy as a couple. But, there are a whole lot of things you can enjoy doing together. 

How often should married couples go on dates?

You might ask how many date nights should a couple have. The answer would depend on the time you have. If you can do it every week then it would be great. Do note that date nights are not limited to spending away from the kids. 

You can also have a movie date at home when the kids are sleeping. How about you help one another cook food for the family? You can also massage one another while waiting for your children to arrive home from school. 

There are so many things you can do to spend quality time with your spouse. It does not have to be expensive to call it a date, as long as you are both enjoying then it is a great way to bond. 

The Takeaway

No one else but the family would benefit if both parents are happy with one another. One of the importance of date nights is that children get to see how their parents love one another. When your children grow up, they would understand that fun date nights are essential to a healthy family. 

Do not feel guilty about leaving your children to somebody for a short period. Because it is during these dates is when you could regain your old self. Cheap date nights are just as effective as a date in an expensive restaurant. 

Sometimes, it is the smallest gesture of love that shows our partners how much they mean to us. So go ahead, and return to your “dating” stage and fall head over heels with your spouse once again! 

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