Very Viral Flu

As I have told you in my previous post, I caught a really bad cold.

Monday morning, when I woke up, I already felt the heavyness of the cold that I caught. My head felt a little bit dizzy, body felt weak, and with clogged nose (I knew it already even if there was no drip, I knew because I could not identify odors nor smell the food that my mom cooked last night). Bad. Really bad. What came into my mind is that, what should I do if this happens days before our wedding day, or worse, if it happens on the day itself. Uh oh. I really hope not. I hope that I will be healthy that day, the one that got a beauty sleep the night before and have eaten the right amount of nutrients to function well that day. Because, well, literally, I will have a long day ahead on that day.

Going back to the virus, I don’t know how or where it came from. I could have caught this from someone who I talked to the other day or prior to that. Or maybe because my immune system was just down when the virus got the chance to enter into one of my body’s pores. These viruses act pretty fast especially when they enter a person with very weak immunity.

I know that I can be blamed for this. Recently I have not been eating right. I am trying to lose some belly fats and trying to reduce the flabs in both my arms. I wanted to look good in our soon to be forever with my love. The problem is that I also forgot to take my vitamins (I take vitamins B complex + C).

One of my professors told us that a person who is able to meet all the daily recommended amount of nutrients does not need to take multivitamins. So called, ‘supplements’ because they are there to supplement what is missing from our diet. True enough, when I input loads of stuff into my mouth (junk foods such as chips and sweets are not counted though), I stay strong and can stand tall even when I am around sick people. The past few days however, I must admit that I got laid back from staying my feet on the ground. I did not choose what I eat letting bad stuffs enter my system, thus this terribly mean cold caught me.

What should I do then?

For the whole week this week,:

  1. I have been taking up loads of fluids – from water to coffee to soups to hot tea. Name it. All those that make me feel warm, I do drink. Drinking lots of fluid will help you flush out the virus faster.
  2. I keep my body warm wearing winter clothes. Silly enough, as here in our country, we have hot weather, but I don’t mind others. I just wear them as I please. Because, if I do not do so, either I sneeze a lot, or I will have my nose clogged.
  3. I tried my best to take naps in the day and long sleep at night. Or rest my eyes whenever I can. Resting helps our body recover faster from the sickness.
  4. I eat healthy snacks. I have to resist that oh so tempting chocolate brownie in the table. Why do they call me now? (Normally I am not that of a fan for sweet stuffs, really!)
  5. I also took up loads of herbal stuffs — such as onions, gingers and garlic. They do help us ward off the virus because of their natural antiviral properties.
  6. I sanitize my hands and my things to keep the people around me safe and prevent them from catching the virus.

Thank goodness! After 5 days of suffering from my stubborn cold (matching some sticky phlegm in my throat, ugh! excuse the description, but this is the best adjective for it), now I am feeling a lot better. I still have them with me though (you know, the sticky.. so on..), but at least now I am proud to say that I can smell the perfume I use, and I can now identify the food being cooked at home. So next time around, especially in the upcoming days, I should stay away from bad junk foods and make sure to hydrate myself well. And! Don’t forget my vitamins. Hihi 🙂

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