Care for a Taho?

Saw the taho boy outside the office awhile ago. And I told my friend that we should buy one soon, since I already miss eating that delicacy. Taho boy is what we call the person selling silken/softened tofu with sweetener and tapioca pearls. Not sure though if this is also available in other countries, besides Philippines and Japan. Taho is commonly found in one of the street sides in our country. They are readily available in grocery stores however, for me, the ones sold along the streets tastes better than those packaged in plastic cups sealed and kept in the refrigerators in supermarkets. And not only that, they are a lot cheaper than their mall counterparts.

Other than the usual brown sugar sweetener or panocha (chunk of cane sugar) melted that comes along with taho, there are some who sell them using strawberry syrups. They are most commonly found in the city of Baguio, a now more modernized city that is found in the Northern Luzon of our country. Their colder weather (as compared to other parts of the country) averaging from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius (that is 59 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit), allows them to grow strawberries.

Taho is good for our health as it is rich in protein due to the soybean where it is made from. What are other benefits of eating taho? Listed by, below is the list:

  • Reduces risk of breast cancer
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces menopausal effects
  • Helps gastrointestinal tracts

However, as the famous saying goes that “everything in excess is bad”, so is for taho, as it:

  • Increases uric acid
  • Can cause diabetes (if too much sweetener is taken up)

Everything in moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We can eat taho as long as not too much of it is digested. I think a cup once a day will do more good than harm us. So the next time you pass by a taho boy (we will surely buy tomorrow! :D), try their cheap and healthy product. Who knows, you might like it better than other unhealthy and non nutritional junks that you used to love. 🙂


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