Plank It Out

What to do if you don’t have enough time for a workout?

Simple! You look for ideas that can work your body out in a short period of time. Impossible? Nope. When you think that it is not enough, well it is. Well for me, it is better not having done any at all. So as much as possible, I try my best to do some ‘training’ to my body. No matter how small or big its effects are, still at least I did something to help it transform into something better than how it was before.

I just finished a 4 minute body-toning workout. Nope I did not use any weights. I did not sweat that much, uhh only a little (Cause I easily break a sweat).

What did I do?

What I did was nothing new to you I suppose. Since if you are reading this, you might have tried researching some workouts – some probably that could be completed in a short period of time. Well, the word is “Plank”. The same old plank that you have heard or read somewhere else. It could be from some article that you follow, or someone whom you know is a health conscious person, or you could have passed by a gym where all they talk about is weights and trainings, you name it.

Planking is a workout (that does not even use too much work nor energy to do), that would help make you a little bit toned. It helps in working out your core muscles, which include, the legs, arms, rear. And I think it also helps me flatten my stomach, but don’t expect abs right then and there. If you want them, then you still have to do some other moves as well. Also, it helps prevent lower back pain as it also targets the pelvic floor.

I noticed my arm got a little toned (or maybe it was just my imagination? 😀 ). Anyhow, I found that I am more energetic in moving especially when I play badminton. I found myself trying to run after shot by shot, even if it means I have to run over from left to right, and left again to be able to catch the shuttlecock. Does not sound good enough? Why not try it? Anyway, it would just take away a minute or two from your daily 1440 minutes. Why not really? Try it daily and try to go on with your daily life, and unconsciously, you might notice something you haven’t before.

For one minute, I do the forearm plank, then side plank (one minute each side), then another minute for reverse plank. Next time I will try some other variations for a more complex and diverse plank. For now, I will try to master these types and until I become comfortable with them. 🙂

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