Judgement by Looking

"Don't judge a book by its cover" — a statement that we hear more often than not. That being said, admittedly I am one of the people who judge others either by their looks or by how I feel about them. Even if I know that it is not the right thing to do, sometimes I can't help but judge a person unconsciously. There are times that when I look at a person, I stare at them from head to toe. Not that I am critizicing them, but the truth is that, I am just curious as to fashionable they are. Because I am not that good at mixing and matching tops and pants. I just look at them because I want to learn how they carry their skirt, or which type of blouse or top to pair with what pants they wear. I suck at this kinds of things. My boss even told me that I look like an old maid with my fashion sense. I was not hurt a bit because I am. Hahah When I do shopping and see pretty skirts and blouses, I am like "wow, this might look good on me".. but then after spending few bucks, and trying them on again in my room, I realized that I don't have something to pair them with. So in the end, I tend to think twice on buying stuffs that I think I could not carry wearing on my plump body.

I am afraid that people might see me as someone else. That is why most of the time, I immediately share with people who I am. I hate being judged as a serious and cranky person. Because I know that my plain face looks too bland and snobbish. I remember years back in my college days, while we were having our photos taken for solo graduation picture, the photographer told me to pose with my normal face, with no reaction at all, hands on my waist. And then after clicking and checking how it turned out, he was like "wow, you look like Gretchen Barretto" (she is a local artist). Then after showing me what he saw, instead of seeing the face of how he has described it, what came upon me was, "uhh, I didn't know I would look like that, with expressionless face, and I didn't even felt anger that time. I saw an antagonist pose. The one you would see in movie posters and immediately identify who the pro and antagonist are. And, sad to say, I am the latter one.

Then I wondered.. So this is how people see me. And for the longest time, I thought that I looked friendly outside because strangers would talk to me randomly, and ask for the time or any assistance. I felt weird. But then again, I thought, it's a good thing they don't judge me as to how I look.

But come to think of it, I know quite a few rich kid who wear a simple plain white shirt with some bruised jeans and black slippers, without all the jewelries, rings and watches that others try to show off. Those are the kind of people that is always down to earth. And I know that they are the best kind of people there is. Those that don't judge the people around them. And I hope that I can meet these kinds of people and stay with them till the end.

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