Stick Away from Plastic

A lot of our garbage comprises of plastics or plastic derivatives. Which lead to people promoting on using alternatives to these kinds of trash that has been polluting our bodies of water.

It started with people creating eco bags that can be reused and which is biodegradable and could not trigger blockage of drainage. I have also seen some plastic bags that writes “biodegradable” in it.

Now what is popular is the use of stainless steel straws. Other variants of reusable straws are made up of bamboo, and I have seen some, made of glass.

Owning one – I have the stainless type – sometimes it is quite troublesome that I have to brush it after use. (Thank God the brush came with it in the package) But then when I think of how many trash is eliminated, then it makes me realise the worth of having to go to the sink and spend like 2-3 minutes to wash it.

I am glad that some vendors are promoting the use of these straws and plastic bags, by giving discounts to their purchase.

I hope that soon all the people would wake up and be love-your-mother-earth advocate and go on to eliminate the unimportant garbage that have been piling up.

Which one do you think is the best among the three – stainless steel, bamboo, or glass?

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