Seek to Find

I keep missing my things. I remember having hold of them but always forgetting where I kept them. This could probably a sign of me getting old.

Uh oh..

Am I developing Alzheimer’s disease? Hopefully not. I am just 30 year old. Why do I experience this?

I think I better practice my brain again. Gotta read more books and articles. Need to memorize stuffs and stock them in my head before it progresses into something else.. Let’s not bring that up. Haha

On the other end, even though that I am afraid of getting more and more grey hairs (let’s us not count them alright?), I sure am glad of living one day at a time, as year by year passes by. Oh time flies it is already third quarter of the year. Soon the streets will be filled with people busy doing christmas shopping.

So then while everyone else is busy choosing presents for their loved ones, I should make sure to remember to check on how God is watching us, and waiting for us to lean on Him.

And since I am struggling to find stuffs I have kept deep within the ground, I should also remind myself to seek God and ask for His help. That way, I don’t have to get my dog sniffing for what I am needing to get a hold with. 🙂

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