Crush to Love

Love at first sight. – is a cliché that whenever I hear, makes my eyebrow raise and ask deep inside, “How? Is it really possible to love somebody without even knowing his age?”

But for me, it is more like, feeling something like having the same wavelength with someone is more acceptable than falling in love on your first hi’s and hello’s.

For me, it is not love that we really feel upon meeting each others eyes, rather, having the same connection inside. Much like how one signal receptor transfers network to another. (Am I making sense? Haha)

I thought that I was in love during my teenage years. But when I look back and try to compare how I am feeling right now, I can clearly tell that what I had during those years was not love but only admiration. In layman’s term, I only crushed on that someone. Crushing on someone is very different from loving someone. Because while crushing on a person, we tend to notice all the positive characteristics of a person, in loving someone, we see the flaws in that person but still accepting them and wanting to be with them.

I used to crush on many different people. But I noticed that soon afterwards, as time went by, I found myself forgetting these people and not even spying on their Facebook profiles or checking out on how they are doing. That no matter how much I blushed before upon seeing them, and getting all jittery, now, they are just somebody I know by face and by name.

But I don’t regret having crush on people. Because they made my high school life colorful and more exciting. That even though it is hard to wake up at 5AM, I know that later that day, there is something for me to look for to. And you know, these are all part of growing up.

While it is true that life is easier during our younger years, I am happy with where I am right now. I am happily married to the husband that I know will forever piss me but at the same time, make me fall in love over and over again. That no matter how he tries to keep his cool and not that showy of his feelings, I find butterflies on my stomach when he gets angry if another guy keeps looking my way. Not to mention how protective he can be when he notices that a guy tries to get close to me. Oh how unclingy-clingy my husband can be! 😍

These small gestures makes me fall over him again.

Now, there is no one else that I am crushing on rigt now. Because my crush has now become the love of my life. 🙂

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