Be Angryless

I hate it when my feet gets wet when I go outside. Because it feels icky for having wet, and we are unsure of where the water came from, it induces goosebumps all over my skin. Plus, ever wonder how it feels upon the drying of the wetted-skin? Uck! Also, I hate it when the dirt gets stuck in between toe nails. Goodness, you have to wait for it to grow to be able to cut it off. How gross can that be?

Since our country is famous for having floods when it rains even a little, I have to buy a close shoes that does not wear off when it gets wet. So apparently, I wore my Crocs maryjane to work if it feels like the sky will downpour any minute.

However, there are times when we don’t have control over the things that happen to us. When it does, what do we do? How do we react?

I used to get irritated very easily over small things. Especially when dirt of floods gets in my toe nails! Or even when I simply don’t have my way. Acting like a spoiled brat – when in fact I am not.

However, lately I found myself letting go of the things that I think is insignificant to let it ruin my whole day. Thank God for blessing me and making me think things through. That when the times get tough and I don’t know what to do – whether to get angry or get angrier, more often than not, I would resort to prayer.

How lucky I am because I will always be blessed by the only God that loves us unconditionally. So I hope that from today onwards, I would have a better outlook in life. Keep myself from getting wrinkled face, and seek God who would always be willing and forever will be there to listen to our cries and help us in times of need. 🙂

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