How to Handle Irritating People

I always wonder how irritating people live their lives. Especially when you know that they are doing it on purpose.

You know those people who knows that the people around them are having a hard time because on how they act.

And those people that always does the opposite of what other people expects them to do.

How about those that are happy when things don’t go what other people planned for to happen.

And when I become this “other people”, I can’t help but pout and crumple my nose. While thinking inside, “Really? Why do such kind of people exist? Don’t they have a conscience?”

But then inside I was also thinking that no matter how terrible I feel inside and how I struggle to be the best in showing them how angry I am, at the end of the day, these kinds of people still wouldn’t care. They would still go on with their lives as if they didn’t burden anyone. How fortunate they can be.

How I wish that someday, they would come to realise that what they have been doing is not the right way.

Still, the best way to do is to pray for them. Pray that the holy spirit change them and that they may be enlightened. Pray that they be more sensitive with the needs and hurts of others. Pray that they become what God wants them to be. It doesn’t matter what religion they believe in, because I notice that when I pray for someone, no matter what race or gender they may be, always, and it never fails to surprise me, how wonderful it is to know God and be able to share His blessings with His children.

So I hope that these people would also get to know Him and be able to share the blessings they received from Him too. 🙂

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