Scary Dream

Last night, I woke up from a not-really-that-bad nightmare. What I dreamt of was about something that won’t happen in real life. Or at least that’s what I believe in. And it is too impossible, that it may happen only if I am dreaming.

I dreamt that I am talking over my phone with my uncle, who has died over a year ago.  And in my dream, I am not sure what I was feeling that time. It seems that I had mixed emotions of shocked, scared and a bit of a question in my head. And he was on the other side of the phone talking and waiting for my reply to whatever he is saying or asking me (I could not remember the conversation though). I just remember having stood somewhere, with some few people that I know somewhere in the background, and the setting is vague so I could not tell where we were. And then I was at a lost for words, all I did was stare blankly. And then, it woke me up.

Upon opening my eyes, I found myself lying on the bed, with the skies still dark (without bothering to look at the time), all I did was crawl to get closer to my husband. And thank God that upon touching him, he hugged me back, which sent relief over me, making me fall back to sleep in no time. 🙂

I am glad that I have someone to run to when things get tough and I am scared. I know that God sent him to me to help, guide and protect me from the harsh world that we are living in. 🙂

How has God worked in your life through other means?

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