Pleasure in writing

Awhile ago, I found some magazines in a tea shop I visited, and while reading, I suddenly remembered that I had once dreamt of becoming a writer. Although I am not much of a great author, I still secretly wish to become one someday. I don’t mean becoming like the magical J. K. Rowling nor one to make you head-over-heels-in-love like Nicholas Sparks. I just wanted to be working in a company where I would write about articles relating to health issues and concerns that I believe not all would know about, or even just like as simple as sharing about a certain life experience that some others might be able to relate to. How I wish I could still do it now. Even though that I haven’t tried to apply once in those medical related literatures nor to those teenager magazines. But then sometimes even when I feel like doing so, my insecurities still creep up, telling me that I couldn’t be one since I don’t have a wide vocabulary, which then makes me lose hope again, and so on. How sad it is to be not able to express your true self. Even though that I hear some of my friends’ compliments on me, nobody can blame me for having low self esteem, especially after seeing and reading a lot of articles and realizing that I am nothing as compared to all those out there. So here I am writing about this topic and being sad about my frustrations on being unable to do one of my life’s goals.

But in the end, I just have to wait for God’s perfect timing and decisions for me. And while I am at it, I shall be freely sharing my insights here up until when the time comes that I will have the best opportunity there is. Then, I will be able to help others who can relate well to what I am gonna post. So till next time. 😊

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