Once upon a time…

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess one day. Wherein she would be married to a handsome young prince and then live happily ever after. But does it really happen in real life? When can one consider that their life is a happily-ever-after? 

In reality, our life can never be always happy. Our lives can hit rock bottom when we least expect them to be. And most of the time, it is impossible for us to get up. So what should one do to experience what we were dreaming of? 

We have to accept that life will never offer everything that we want. In fact, the more we expect, the more we get frustrated. Why? Because our life can never be like how our favorite childhood bedtime stories would end. It simply isn’t how life on earth can be. Imagine if all the girls out there are princesses, and all would be waiting for their knight in shining armor, how do you think will everyone react? It will be too weird to see people around wearing fluffy gowns with their tiaras and in glass slippers. Then these will become the norm. Then a time would come where all would get bored with their lives because they get all that they want. There would be no variety in what’s happening in their lives. Everyday would become monotonous. 

So in the end, how our lives are happening right now is what makes it more enjoyable. We just have to find beauty in everything that we experience. When our hearts get broken, it means that there will be someone better for you. When we fail on our tasks, we should learn from them and move on. When we experience sadness, be glad because happier things will come our way. God will always be there for us whenever we feel like the world has turned its back on us. Just always pray and believe that you will given what is meant for you. You will not have everything that you desire, but one thing is for sure, you will always have what you needed the most. 😊

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