A Day off

We don’t have to report to work tomorrow. This is the first time that a sudden holiday was declared in our company. I’m glad to be able to enjoy a day off from a whole week’s work. Finally I can rest and lay back from a ton of work. In this life, was there a time that you asked for a day off? When you feel so tired from everything that has been happening in your life? When you feel that nothing right goes on? When everything else fails? When you feel that nobody loves you, and noone is there for you? What would you do when you suddenly thought that it would be better to be out of this world? To be free from all your problems and worries? And to be happy finally? 

The only way to become truly is happy is to leave everything to God. Always pray, and believe that all will be well. Just trust that God has all the answers that you need. And when you are left with noone, God will still be there by your side, no matter how much you ignore nor forsake Him. Even if there are times when you forget about him during happy times. He will forever be there to guide you and give you what’s best for you. Because God loves us all ü

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