Christmas Blessings

It’s getting cold now that the year is about to end. And I can say that this is the time of the year that most people are waiting for. Since I was young (and I still am! Hihi 😀 ), this is the season that I have been waiting for next to my birthday. Well, because aside from receiving lots of gifts from friends and loved ones, another thing is that it feels different during Christmas season.

One thing that I love the most is that it feels colder in the last three months of the year, and I don’t get to sweat a lot despite doing my daily brisk walking. And whenever I play my sport, I don’t get irritated much for even if my body is in its workout phase, and is working non stop with a lot of heat coming out of it, the weather outside is cool, allowing me to cool down quickly.

Older people I know don’t enjoy the coming season, for it means that they have to get busy visiting malls and trying to find gifts for their peers and relatives and having to reach their credit card’s limit, but for me, I still do enjoy doing my christmas shopping. I even imagine the person’s facial reaction when they will be receiving their present from me. And just imagining them jump with glee with all smiles makes me want to immediately wrap their presents for me to see happy faces. Of course there are those who receive lovely gifts but still don’t show any sign of being happy, but then there are those who upon peering into the present and you would automatically find joy in their hearts. How wonderful it is to see them beaming at the sight of the toy they have been waiting for!

As cliché as it may sound, but Christmas for me is really a season of giving. Where we give but don’t expect anything in return. And that we give despite knowing that we have to pay more from our hard earned money. Where people find hope in us when we share the blessings that God has given us.

We are grateful for being blessed despite that most of the time, we fail to become a good christian. But God is forever giving and forgiving. That even if we stumble and fall, He will always help us to stand up, and get back to where we should be.

In this regard, we must show and promise God that we should be continuously get better at becoming His likeness, that even as human, we strive hard to show others that being a christian is both easy and hard. That the first thing that we have to do is to acknowledge that we have one God, and just like how childrens want to impress their parents, we should also do to our heavenly Father. 🙂

Why do we celebrate Christmas? It is to remind us that God was born into this earthly world because He wants to show us that He wants to get to know us, and experience that pain that we go through in a mortal body. And that even though that He was born unto this world, He was able to show us that since He can be holy, so can we. 🙂


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