My Mommy Heart

My baby is currently in his 2.5th week. And I heard a lot of people say that during the first few months is the most tiresome days that I can experience as a mom. I believed them when they said that even before I got pregnant, however, they failed to mention too that it is one of the most precious moments as a mom.

I can still remember the first few days that I have held our baby after having given birth at half-past six in the evening. I stared at him in disbelief because it still has not yet occurred to me that this beautiful little boy that I am carrying right now grew from inside of me and that he was made by my blood, and developed inside of me, and how this little human came to life inside of me.

Every day I keep on staring at him while he sleeps, and even when he cries, still I could not help but stare at him while trying to comfort him and offering my breast. And as he sucks the most nutritious food that he can have, I can’t help but smile and thank God for what He has given me. That truly babies are a blessing.

I realized that despite my complaints before of God not providing what I wanted, and not being able to have everything my way, God always provides us what we need. That no matter how cruel this world may be, still God will always show us that there are still things worth fighting for, that we should rejoice every time because for the fact that He would always give us what is best for us. That it will always be His will and not ours.

So we should fret not for what lies ahead is always for our betterment. Because only God knows what our hearts truly desire.

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