Breastfeeding: When to Wean?

Breastfeeding has been a part of my motherhood since giving birth to my little boy. I remember that I used to be bothered by how yellow my son is during the first few months of his life. Later on, I found out that there is such thing as breast milk jaundice.

Thankfully, as the months pass by, and my baby drinks more of my breast milk, his yellowish skin became lighter. Then finally, he was free from the mustard hue.

When I started this journey, I have read lots of articles about breastfeeding. Some facts I have read and learned how not only babies benefit from it, but even mothers too. I was afraid that I might not produce enough milk to feed my growing baby.

I even had a lactation consultant over to help release my clogged ducts. It was painful yet rewarding. I knew I did it for my little one. My mommy heart was full. The consultant gave me words of encouragement to keep me going.

On one research, I found that mothers who were past the nursing stage could still produce milk by relactation. You might find it doubtful and funny, but yes, it is possible. Hmm. I might try it next time if needed. Teehee.

Now that my infant is nearing one year old (he is already nine months old! Time do fly fast!), I am thinking whether to stop breastfeeding him or still to continue after 12 months.

Mothers who stop nursing have different reasons. Some moms feel like having their body back for themselves while others just feel like stopping. For me, I do not know yet, since I still have three months before I have to decide whether to stop or to continue.

While I certainly love losing weight because of nursing my little boy, I am thinking about the right time to give this up. Right now, I still am enjoying the feeling of my baby relying on me for food. I still feel loved and happy that he is looking for my breasts before he could fall asleep. Oh, the difference it makes a woman feel being a mom! (Sniff!)

I know that when the time comes, I would be both glad that I am past this wonderful stage, yet teary to miss the feeling of joy. I know that years from now, when my little one has grown up, I will reminisce on the times that we have spent together.

The bond that he and I have will never be forgotten. Soon, if God blesses us with another baby, I know that I will give the same sacrifices and love that I have given to my firstborn.

While I got tired and lacked sleep, it was all worth it. Just seeing the happy face of my baby makes me forget all the awful stress and tiredness that I have experienced. Even if I will be given the chance to repeat all these things that have passed, I know that I would love to experience them all over and over again.

So right now, I have to enjoy every bit because soon, my not so little baby will grow up and need less of me. The days may take too long, yet the years are short. When my baby learns to walk and then run, I hope that I will be the one to catch him when he falls.

I promise that I will be there with him every step of the way. 🙂

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