Enjoy Minimalist Moments

I just ran a while ago. We were running to catch a train that’s about to leave. While running, there is nothing on my mind but the thought of having to do my best to reach the entrance of the train to be able to go on board. Our life right now is also like that. We do our best to be able to catch up with time that flies faster than the speed of light. We tend to run fast because we don’t want to be left behind. Because if it happens, then it would be difficult for us to understand what others know. Due to the invention of new technology, everything is now in a fast pace. We want everything done in a short period of time – not bad though if done in our work. We want the food to be served immediately. We want our messages seen and replied by the recipient soon.

But sometimes we forget that the best things in life are the simple things that we ignore and don’t take into consideration. These are the small things and moments that help us appreciate our short lifetime on earth. I hope we get to enjoy the times when time is moving slower because there is nothing better than enjoying the moment while sipping a hot cocoa or coffee and feeling the cool breeze sweeping on our faces. 😌

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