Kill Time: Write

How do you stay patient when all you can think of is to get crazy and all you wanted is to shout at the person who made you wait for so long?

I am a patient person. I can wait for someone when I know that there is something or someone to look forward to. I would find something to do while waiting to keep myself busy and get lost in time. I would enjoy my moment of peace and serenity because I know that later on, I would be with the people who I enjoy being with.

However there are times that it is hard for me to keep my cool. Sometimes I tend to get angry and if that person is lucky enough, then I would be able to prevent myself from shouting at them.

This time, I am tempted to get angry at the most little thing. And that is waiting for my husband. I want to get angry because earlier this lunch, I already told him that I am out earlier than 4PM. And then after that when workload is already manageable, I realised that I can be free by 3PM, so immediately, I told him about it. But then now he says that he will arrive at quarte to 4. Sigh. Really. Why is life like this? When I thought that I would be able to get home earlier then this one person keeps me from going home early. Does he not want me to rest? Is he doing this on purpose? Sigh. I really wanted to get mad. Currently I have to wait for another 15 minutes, after having been waiting for 45 minutes already. Sigh.

On the other hand, a part of me is glad because I found myself instant topic to write about without exhausting my brain cells. Not bad eh? But still….

Anyway, that’s all for now. Maybe I shall let this pass. Since it is Christmas! Finally I can get to rest more. We have 2 days off from work. Yeay! So till then. Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

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