Why You Should Hear My Wildflour Greenbelt 3 Experience

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I have seen and heard of Wildflour so many times, but I have never tried it once. Over the weekend, I finally tasted some on the menu, and what I can say is that you should not go in if you want to come out with big bellies. My friend treated us to Wildflour to celebrate their son’s birthday.

Wildflour Greenbelt 3 experience

The restaurant was packed when we tried to make a reservation via call, so they told us they would let us seat outdoors. However, it was quite hot when we arrived, so we asked if there was an available table inside the restaurant. 

Thankfully, the server told us we could use the private room that includes a consumable of 10K PHP. Then she followed through saying that BPI Platinum cardholders can have 50% off their bills. Thankfully, one of us has that card, so we can enjoy the discount. 

Ambience: 5 stars

We were all glad we chose to get the private room. The air conditioning is doing its job of keeping the temperature cool inside the room. Best of all, we can enjoy our dining experience without worrying about other people dining. 

We checked the menu and started ordering. For starters, we chose mussels and fries, and chorizo and gambas. Then we ordered mac n’ cheese, squid ink pasta, and meatball pasta to fill our bellies. 

Lastly, we added roast organic chicken, California burger, and ribeye steak for our entrees. And the waiting game begins. As we wait, servers come in and go, bringing in the essentials: plates, cutleries, napkins, glasses, and pitchers of water. 

Food and price: 4 stars

After waiting for about 20 to 30 minutes, food started coming in one by one. The mussels and fries came first. We expected it to be cooked the Belgium way. However, it was cooked just like how anyone would: adding ginger and simmering it in water. 

The fries had a little bit of salt and were not too salty. We were glad they gave a generous serving of fries because our toddler loved it to the bits. He even asked for some more after he finished his meal. 

The next I tasted was chorizo and gambas. Cooked in garlic and olive oil and plated in a ceramic shallow bowl, the chorizo and gambas blended well with the aioli sauce. The chorizo is a bit spicy, but you can dip it in the mayo to mask its spicyness. 

The shrimp was cooked just right, with the meat not tough to eat. Add it to the aioli sauce, and you will surely boost your appetite. 

We loved the mac n’ cheese. Besides not being too salty, it is baked well. Even our toddler loved its creamy and cheesy flavor! The combination of Gruyere and Emmental cheese makes for a great mac n’ cheese sauce. 

The next one I tried was the squid ink pasta. Interestingly, when I first saw the pasta, I thought the noodles were squid tentacles. The pasta they used for the squid ink pasta looked like tentacles. 

However, while the aesthetics is great, the squid ink sauce was not too tasty. If I covered my eyes while eating the pasta, I would not know they incorporated squid ink sauce into it. Even so, the squid ink pasta tasted great but was a bit bland. 

The meatballs pasta was cooked with basil and tomato sauce. The chef used bucatini pasta to match the meatballs. I don’t like meatball pasta, but Wildflour cooked the meatballs just right. 

The meatballs were not too dry and not too oily, and the ground meat used was blended well. Marinara sauce with shaved parmesan cheese covers every bit of pasta, making each piece very tasty. All in all, I am pleased with Wildflour’s pasta. 

After enjoying the pasta, I tried the roast organic chicken. I was delighted with the chicken as well because the meat is very flavorful, and the herb taste is very prominent. The chicken skin is very crunchy and not burnt. 

Included in the chicken plate are roasted veggies like halved baby potatoes and sweet potato fries. The roasted veggies were salted just right, but a bit overcooked. Sadly, we forgot to take a photo of the roast organic chicken and California burger. Haha!

When ordering burgers at a restaurant, I like that they include lots of different toppings along with the patty. The California burger has cheese, tomato, red onion, and lettuce which adds flavor to the burger. 

Usually, beef patties are very oily, yet after biting on the California burger, there was not a hint of oiliness. As a plus, the patty was also not dry. It was very tasty, which could not be compared with a fast-food burger. 

The last to be served and the priciest among all is the ribeye steak. It took a while before the servers brought our steak, but it was well-cooked. We wanted the steak to be medium well and it arrived with the right doneness. 

The ribeye steak was drizzled with a red wine sauce that complimented well with the steak. Juicy and savory, the steak blends well with either of its side dishes: mashed potato and stir-fried french beans. 

I liked that the french beans were not overcooked. It was stir-fried in garlic, oil, and just the right amount of salt. 

The only thing we did not like about the potato mash was that it was a bit saltier than others. And it seemed to be not made from real potatoes. Because when we asked the server not to add salt to the mashed potatoes, he said they were already premixed. 

Child-friendly: 4 stars

We got two high chairs for our two kiddos, which is why I am giving a rating of 4 stars to Wildflour for child-friendliness. However, they did not provide special cutleries suitable for children. Thankfully, I always bring a small spoon and fork set whenever we will dine out. 

Service: 4.5 star

Why 4.5 stars for service?

We received great service from the servers, providing everything we ask of them. And they even asked to change the unclean plates with a new ones. However, sometimes they are slow to provide for our requests, which is explainable since they have a lot of customers. 

And just one thing to note, that one server (I don’t know if all the other else is the same) was quite confusing. My friend asked if we have mashed potatoes as sides in one of our orders, and he said there were none. 

So my friend was forced to order an additional mashed potato for her baby. But since the server said they could not separate the salt from the potato mash, my friend decided to cancel the side order. 

Lo and behold, when the ribeye steak arrived, mashed potato was included. Anyway, since the potato mash was a bit salty, my friend did not let her son have it. 

Farmacy (Ice cream and soda fountain)

Wildflour also offers ice cream, but we did not try it. They have many different flavored ice creams you can choose from. We will try it some other time.


Wildflour offers great Western cuisine food that will surely satisfy your cravings. However, since they have small servings, you have to ensure to order more than you usually would. Even though the food tasted great, we might be less likely to dine in again at Wildflour

But since we had a great experience with Wildflour’s ambience and service, we highly recommend it for you to try. However, do not be shocked by the price; check out their menu online so you are ready when you decide to dine in. 

Wildflour has a great ambience so you can have a cozy evening while enjoying Western cuisine. They have many other branches: Rada and Salcedo, Makati, BGC, Greenhills, Rockwell, and Podium.

Oh, and another thing that I also like to take note of is that not all branches offer the same on their menu. If you have noticed, Wildflour has different other names, so don’t be surprised if you won’t find some of the food on other branches’ menus.

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