Lost in Time

After been living in our new house for almost 10 months now, I suddenly remembered not having any clock hanging on our walls nor is there standing on top of our tables and television top. We talked about buying clocks, even a small one so that we can become aware of the time even if our hands are full. However, still, for the longest time, we have not yet bought one.

No problem to my husband as he is outside most of the time working. And even though that I get to enjoy being home alone on Saturdays, I would always have to know time every now and then.

Still it didn’t bother me as I have my phone with me all the time. And even if I do not, no worries as all I have to do is skip a little and immediately and without using too much of my effort, I can reach for my handy phone.

I remember having heard that in Las Vegas, no clocks are inside their casino because they want to let the people enjoy their time inside and play to their heart’s content.

To me then, what is the effect of being unaware of the time? I like it because I get to enjoy the moment. Much like the same concept as that in casinos, only with a little better feeling because, well it does not cost me a single cent, also I get to do what I want being lost in time and being able to relax and sleep whenever I want to. I can watch endless tv series or I can clean the house. I can watch the outside world and not get any pollution on my skin.

These simple things in life are what makes our lives happy and content. That by only having a roof above my head and soft and fluffy bed to lay on, is one of the simplest things that I could thank God for. That no matter how hard living in this scary world, God would always provide for what we would long for (even before us asking Him). 🙂

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