Trying to Share God’s Words

I met with one of my close relative yesterday because it has been long since I last met with her. And since because I had a day off yesterday, I decided to meet up with her.

As glad as I was when I saw her, I am also sad that she has a troubled heart. She had been struggling with her relationship to someone close to her and she does not know what to do with her anymore. I kept on asking her to be a bit more patient because the other party is currently undergoing some kind of depression. She is not diagnosed as one but her actions says otherwise.

So as much as possible that I try to listen to her and absorb all the negativity that she has to offer, one part of me is glad because she can destress but the other part of me is sad because their issue has been so long that I am afraid of where it would lead them to.

So there I was, seating right in front of her and trying to my calm, I tried to think of the right words to utter. While at the same time, trying to share God’s words to her. As a first timer, I had to think of a way on how, just like my boss, to lead her into the realization on why these things are happening to her.

“These words, even though I understand, are hard to put into action,” was what she said in Chinese.

Yes it is true but while she was thinking, I couldn’t help but say “God bless you for your good heart”.

We split up at 6 in the evening. I am not sure how God had used me, and if I was able to help her even in small way. All I could think of right now is that I have to pray for them because God makes everything possible. I am excited and am looking forward to more conversations like that with her. And I pray to God to help me say the right words to troubled people like her. 🙂

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