Love Oppositely

Opposites attract.

Two words that complete a sentence.

We learned during our primary school that the opposite poles of a magnet attract one another. When you try to join either both North-North or South-South, you would feel that they are pushing one another towards the opposite way. But when you keep the North end with the South end, you would find them unable to go away, but rather they would always get together.

In this life, when I met my husband, and after getting to know him, a spark was emitted and I knew instantly that he is the one.

Why? Because we have a lot of differences. Yes, you read that right, While most people would find the ones that are like them, it seems that what God has meant us to be with are those that differ with us. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have any similarity at all. But rather, we have more differences that help us cling together.

How much do we differ? Let me share with you.. I am a sentimental person, while he is practical. I cry very easily, and he would always be there to comfort me (even if there were times when I did not know the reason). I am a chatterbox and he is the quiet type. There are times that I like to talk and talk about stuffs and life and he would just sit there listening (and sometimes not!), and he is okay with that. He is a neat freak, while I on the other hand, is just okay with just clean. He hates sour and spicy food, but that is what I love the most. So if we are eating and there is a bit chili in it, we would switch plates, likewise, if I don’t fancy the set I ordered. He likes to play basketball and I love to play badminton. There is so much about us that differ with one another. But one thing is for certain, I know that I am willing to fill in the spaces in his life, and that is probably why we were meant to be.

I know that these differences are what made us match. We might get along at wanting to stay healthy, but having our time off to ourselves, we get to miss one another and be able to share different stories that the other has not personally experienced. Thank God, for if not, then we might get bored with one another, and thus, what most couple’s reason for divorcing or breaking apart.

But still, for me it is not a valid reason. For when you choose to love someone, you should love them even if they are unlovable.

“We cannot choose who to fall in love with, but we can choose who to stay with.”

No matter who we are in this life, it will always be our choice what we do with our life. And when you find that South person that matches your North end, hold on to it, and never let it go. Because love will always find a way. 🙂

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