In An Instant

Everything moves in a fast pace nowadays.

We want the things that we do to be completed in a short period of time.

We want to order food and be delivered to us instantly.

We want to send messages to our friends and relatives in as fast as few seconds even if they are miles away.

We want to receive the stuffs we ordered online immediately.

We want to earn lots of money without wasting any minute.

Everything that the technology does for us is to make things easier and faster so that we may be able to complete a lot of task in a short period of time, and without delay.

Here comes everything in an instant.

We have instant messaging, instant noodles, waiting for your eye glasses in an instant, movie tickets without waiting in line in an instant, getting paid in an instant, and so on. Every single thing that we want, we want them INSTANTLY.

Why you may ask? Because time is precious. Every second lost, a part of our life is also lost which we can never go back to nor we can reverse nor change what has happened in the past. A lot of people regret the things that they did not do, or the things that they did wrong. There are times that I regret the words and actions that I did because I was in a hurry to reply to someone and act hastily without thinking. I would be thinking over and over and OVER about that certain happening and would not be over until the next few days, or worse, weeks. Not realizing that no matter how much I dwell on the past, even the near past, I can never go back and try to change and be better to prevent them from happening.

But I am glad that I have known God. Because in Him, I found rest. I learned that no matter what I did in the past, is what God wants to happen. That no matter how mean, or worse I was, God will make it happen and there is nothing stopping Him from allowing it to be my past. And the only reason He allowed that to happen is because He wants me to learn, and move on.

He wants me to learn that I should be thinking first before letting my mouth spit out words that might hurt someone, or actions that I may do that could show someone how angry I am. Also, He wants me to stop, and breathe first, clear my head of the heat that’s been making the veins in my brain expand, and then think things through before acting out what’s deep within my heart. For me now, this is my greatest struggle. Because I know that I am quick to become hot headed, and I would be barking and barking until I feel better.

But thank God again, for in the past few days, He has been in control on the words that I say, and He would always pop out of my head whenever I feel that I am about to burst into smaller bubbles – and sending our bad vibes to the people around me. Whenever I feel bad, or about to be in a bad temper, I would be reminded that I have to take control of my actions and be responsible to whatever I say to the people around me who does not even deserve to be scolded.

Hopefully, I can do better again, than who I am now. That God would become my center and the one I run into when things get tough. That I would seek Him all the time, no matter how good or bad my day has been. And that I should make sure to thank Him, and be like Him. 🙂

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