Lost and Not Found

Some years ago, my cousin gave me a book about God’s words daily. It is just like any other “Our Daily Bread” book, only it can be read over and over again every year. It contains God’s words and some experiences worth sharing by people who witnessed God’s blessings in their lives. I used to read it before, without truly recognizing God’s intention in my life. I just read them because it makes me understand life more. However I forgot where I placed the book and now I am hungry for it. Wishing that it can be found. Little did I know that it is what my soul will be searching for years after having lost it. Sigh. 😔

In this life we will meet and have someone and some things that not all we could keep. Some of them (whether living or non living things) will be lost and gone for life. And you are not sure when they will come back, that is, if ever they will. It is saddening but it really happens and what’s worst is that they will leave a mark that could never be forgotten and there are even times, they leave us lonely and hurt. To the point that we will become afraid of letting a new person into our lives.

Don’t be afraid and don’t fret. For the people that leave us leaves for a reason. It just means that their role in our life is over. And someone will soon cover all the brokenness that we feel inside. Someone will soon relieve the bruise left. And someone will give the love that you are searching for. The wait will soon be over and you will rejoice and be content with what God has provided for you. 🙂

Hopefully I can take my missing book with me again the next time that I arrange my things, and certainly I would want to read it on a daily basis. God please help me find it.. soon.. 🙂

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