Bright Mister Sun

As I was walking outside a while ago, I felt the heat of the sun shining upon me, allowing me to sweat. Too bad I forgot to bring a towel. But thankfully I am now riding the UV express van with a full blast of air conditioning unit.

There are times that I hate the sun as it makes my skin darker in color, but also, it is a source of my irritation due to its heat emitting ability.

But then when I think about it, we should be thanking it for without it, lots of plants would not survive – as most of them could only synthesis their food through photosynthesis, where sunshine is the main responsible tool. Also, it provides heat to us especially on days when there is only coldness, and it is the reason we have daytime.

A lot of times, we would be angry when we feel irritation on some things. But we should appreciate that all of the things here on Earth has their own meaningful roles and that all of us would benefit. 🙂

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