Gloom Gloom Go Away

What a gloomy weather we have today. This marks the start of our rainy season. Finally this is the moment when our body fats are needed! To protect and cover us from the chilly breeze.

When everything else is gloomy, it doesn’t mean that we have to go with it too. Does not mean that we should also be blue.

Rejoice! For what we were complaining about is now over. Raindrops will now be everywhere and sunshine will be the one we will be missing. Keep in mind to bring an umbrella always. And make sure to stay healthy in the cold. Also don’t forget to drink lots of fluid as we won’t be able to determine when we are thirsty. Take your vitamin C and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Wear comfy and warm clothes. Sleep a lot. And ready your cupboard with cocoa and coffee in case you hunger for a delicious cup of mocha – always and forever perfect for this season. 🙂

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