Small Things Make Big Issues

I have written a post about anger management before. However, these past few days, I was not able to apply what I have written there. I am not sure if so many things or events have triggered me to get angry or if I just lost control of my feelings because of insanity. Either way, I know it is not reasonable enough to say that I am not at fault. Like for instance what had happened two days ago. One of my friends (I always tend to lose my temper with her.. and I am not sure why) played a joke on me, and for some reason, I shouted at her to show her how much I was deeply hurt by what she had said. Although a lot of my friends joke on me, I always get angry at this one person who is one of my closests and I tend to shout at her more often than not. Even I don’t understand why I am like this with her. I know I love her as much as I love my other friends, I think that inside my head, I always think that she would understand me no matter what color of my behavior I show her.

I know that this is not right. I know that time will come when she will get tired at what I am doing to her. However still, I tend to use her as my punching bag whenever I feel irritated over something that sometimes doesn’t even relate to her. Which I know is not fair for her. So I hope that God would help me change to not get angry over small things. I pray and hope and thank God that there are still a few people who are patient enough to absorb all the negative vibes that I give them.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 – Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the bosom of fools.

This verse I should try and practice all the time. Yes I know I am a fool for getting angry and not following God’s orders. I hope that this happening in my life would help me become a more loving and patient child of Jesus. And I hope that God would help the people around me to become more patient to teach me and make me grow to learn how to become mature enough, so that when the time is right, I too shall be able to share with others how once I was like this and how God had interfered in my life to become the better version of myself. 😊

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