Useful Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

I love Christmas! Because it is a season when I can get to shop for gifts for people close to my heart. However, one of the struggles of shopping is thinking about useful Christmas gift ideas that are budget-friendly. 

Finding unique Christmas gifts for your families and friends is one great hunt. Surely you do not want to give mugs, picture frames, or pens this season, or do you? If you are looking for practical gifts, then you have come to the right place. 

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Practical Christmas Gift Ideas 

Only 80 days to go before Christmas, but are you still clueless about what to give your loved ones? Below are some useful gift ideas for friends and families: 

For Parents

One of the hardest people to gift is our parents. For one, they could buy anything they want without our consent. And another thing, we’ve been giving gifts to them our whole life (literally!). So I did my best to think of practical gifts for the home to make your parents happy. 

BBQ Grill

Do your parents love to eat Korean BBQ yet are still afraid of eating out? Your problem is now solved! A Korean BBQ grill is one of the great gift ideas for your parents. You can choose between electric or butane grills for the best experience at home. 

But if you’re looking for a smokeless electric grill, then Imarflex Smokeless Grill is what you need. The double-coated ceramic grill ensures that the meat won’t stick to the pan, so you (and your parents) would surely love this!

For only 5,000 PHP (88.06 USD), you can enjoy samgyeupsal anytime at home with Imarflex Smokeless Grill!

Double-wall Glass Cup

Stylish and useful gift for adult, that is what a double-wall glass cup is! Be careful when shopping online, though, because some might deliver a low-quality glass than others. Check reviews to be sure about the product’s quality before checking your cart out. 

Can you believe this double-wall cup is only 98 PHP (1.73 USD) only?

Couple T-Shirts

Parents who are young at heart would be delighted to receive couple T-shirts. They would surely wear it on date nights or when they want to have a stroll at the mall. Oh, and why not make matching T-shirts for yourself too? 

Sold per piece starting at 239 PHP (4.21 USD), this funny couple shirt is what you need for a good laugh.
This cute Latte Cream Couple Shirt is best for couples who love milk tea and beer. Price 1,700 PHP (29.94 USD)

Pillowcase Set

If your parents love twinning but also love to stay at home, a pillowcase set is one of the gifts that can be used every day. Many cute pillowcase sets are available now, so you can choose which one would make your parents smile. 

Get this matching couple pillow case for only 1495 PHP (26.33 USD)

Couch Coaster

Your parents would never have to stand up to get that cup of tea or coffee (except for refills!) with the couch coaster. They can put their cups in the couches’ arms so their drinks are within reach as they enjoy their favorite beverage at home while watching series. 

No need to stand up to get all your needs with this couch coaster, and it’s priced at 333 PHP (5.86 USD) only!

Useful gifts for women

Women love receiving useful gifts on holidays, no matter how old they are. Think no more! Below are some great gift ideas for your girl friends. 

Electric mug warmer

Your friend just gave birth and barely has time to drink her coffee while it is hot. An electric mug warmer might just be the best gift she could receive this Christmas. You might just get yourself a new role as her newborn’s godparent if you gift her this useful item. 

You’re baby mama will surely love this mug warmer, especially on days she couldn’t finish her coffee hot. Priced at 696 PHP (12.26 USD).

Foldable silicone food container

I always make sure to bring food for my child, especially on long drives. Having a collapsible food container is super handy because it folds neatly when empty, and I do not have to worry about my child’s stomach not being full!

I especially love collapsible containers like this especially that I bring food for my toddler on travels. This portable container is only 148 PHP (2.61 USD)!

Cooking Utensils Set

Gifting cooking utensils set to someone who loves cooking is one of the practical gift ideas for her (or him!). A cook or chef can never have too many cooking utensils, and one can always jump with glee for a new set. 

Can you believe this silicon cooking utensils set is only 559 PHP (9.84 USD)?!

Reusable Silicone Straw

Save the earth with a reusable silicone straw instead of using a disposable plastic straw. You are helping make a difference in the world with this small step. My son couldn’t stop drinking water when using my GoSili reusable silicone straw!

Ain’t this silicone straw the cutest?! For only 200 PHP (3.52 USD), the collapsible straw comes with a tiny metal box.

Useful Gifts for Guys

Besides a handkerchief, pen, wallet, or cap, what can you think about giving as a practical gift for guys? Get some useful gift ideas that guys you know would surely love. 

Travel Neck Pillow

Does your guy love traveling? Why not gift him with a travel neck pillow? Or better yet, why not buy a pair so you could be matchy matchy when you go out of town or fly to another country? Sounds cool, huh? 

No more achy neck when sleeping during long flights, thanks to this memory foam neck pillow! Only 299 PHP (5.27 USD)!

French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee addicts would surely appreciate receiving a French press coffee maker. They can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home. As a bonus, coffee lovers can also make froth using the coffee press too.

Coffeeholics sure wouldn’t get enough of this French Press which starts at 270 PHP (4.76 USD).

Collapsible Silicone Cup with a Lid

If you are looking for something useful gift ideas, then this collapsible silicone cup with a lid is the one for you. Folds into a third of its size when empty, the receiver would not have a problem bringing it along inside the bag. 

Who would have thought that at 88 PHP (1.55 USD) you can get this lovely tumbler for your guy?

Travel Towel

After a travel neck pillow and a collapsible silicone cup with a lid, what is the next useful gift for guys? A travel towel it is! Men who love hiking and camping will find a travel towel useful for their next outing!

Your man will surely love you more if you gift him this travel towel. Price starts at 198 PHP (3.49 USD)

Electric Cooling Mug

Does your guy always forget to put his beverage in the fridge to cool? How about if the ice always run out in his home? Then an electric cooling mug is what your man needs. No matter how hot the weather is, this cooling mug is enough to keep your guy cool! 

What a cool way to make your boyfriend or husband happy with this cooling mug! Priced a 1,318 PHP (23.21 USD) only.

Useful Gifts for Kids

All kids love toys, but it is hard to find unique ones that would enhance your child’s capabilities. If you do not know what toys to give children, below are some useful toys that kids could enjoy. 

Water Doodle Book

This book is a very useful gift idea for kids, especially those that are yet learning to write. Using only water to write into the doodle pages, you do not have to worry about the mess. Best of all, the book pages dry up after a few minutes, so your child can have lots of busy time writing. 

This Travel Doodle has kept my son busy for hours! 349 PHP (6.15 USD)

Vacuum Tumbler

A vacuum tumbler maintains liquid temperature for about four to six hours, depending on the quality. Your children can enjoy their favorite hot or cold drink even at school or at play with a vacuum tumbler.

Watch your child enjoy her drinks with this out of the world vacuum tumbler! Price starts at 269 PHP (4.74 USD) only!

Mini Electric Fan

Living in a country where every day is almost summer, a mini electric fan is just as essential as your mobile phone. Kids who love to go outdoors or play sports would surely benefit from a mini electric fan. 

This is by far my most favorite mini fan! It lasts many days without charging. Price starts at 399 PHP (7.03 USD).

No-Tie Shoelace

Having problems with tying your child’s shoelace all the time? Replace them with a no-tie shoelace. Made with elastics, all your child needs is to slip into her shoes to get ready to play. What’s best, your child could avoid tripping over with an untied shoelace. 

This no-tie shoe lace might just be your lifesaver! For only 45 PHP (0.79 USD), you need not tie you (and your child’s) shoe lace anymore!

Christmas Gift Ideas Takeaway

Many people think that giving out expensive gifts to their families and friends is what the season is all about. However, we must always remember the real reason we have Christmas yearly. And that is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The jolly season is a season of giving so what is essential is that we remember to be present with the people that we love. Receiving gifts is just a bonus that we get to enjoy along with the festive season. 

Let us be loving of one another not only during the “ber” months but the whole year round. After all, what we give to others, God multiplies:

Truly I tell you . . . no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life

Luke 18:29-30

So while December is the season for giving, let us show others that the world is a better place through giving at any time of the year. Let us give love, not only on Christmas Day, but every day! 

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