Lucky Boy

I have a pet dog named Lucky. He is of labrador breed however, the veterinarian said that he could have mixed breed as he is a bit shorter than other pure labs (short for labrador). He is tame as compared to other breed and is easy to take care of as compared with other dog breeds out there, since he is the ‘pet’ type of dog.

Lucky was given to us by our friend since I their dog gave birth to 3 cute puppies. We got him on year 2012 I think. And the other one was given to our cousin.

Lucky is light in color, while his other sibling is black. A part of me is relieved that black was not given to us. Not sure why, but I liked Lucky the way he is. His beige color sometimes turns whitish soon just after taking a bath, as he gets dirty immediately due to his uncotrollable naughtiness.

He is one playful dog and is super clingy. If he sees you, he will immediately run to you to play, and you will see through his eyes that he is asking for his ball. There was one time I remember, when I got home and found a super messy backyard. Goodness! I don’t know how he got out of his cage and running over the garbage can spilling all the dirty trash on the floor. I had to clean everything while locking him up back to his cage. I was mad at him, but he just sat there, and looked at me with his unguilty face just like saying “come on, let’s play!”. Seeing his face put out the fire inside of me, then releasing him again to play.

Unlike other dogs, he is not afraid of fireworks and would always run after cockroaches and snacking on them (eww), making me call his attention everytime he gets excited over seeing running Mr. Roach. Feed him anything anytime, and he would always chomp them all up, except only if he is thirsty or is not feeling well.

Now as he is around 6 years of age, he is quite old now. They say that a dog’s number of years multiplied by 10 (or sometimes 7), is the equivalent number of age in human. That being said, he is around 60 years old, and is a lot older than myself! Oh how time flies. I can clearly remember before when he was still smaller (which only lasted for 6 months), he is too cute. Well right now he is still cute, but is much bigger boy now. I hope he grows up (older I mean), and live a long long life. I am sure anyone who has a pet would pray for the same prayer. 🙂

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