Working it Out Together

A week ago, we went to the gym (perks of staying in condominiums hihi :D). And since it is my first time to experience their facilities, I was quite fascinated with how things were operated. They have stationary bikes, threadmills, and weights. It is quite small but just enough for few customers. I know these types of tools because I read stuffs about them, but since it is a first for me to use them, I was star struck and dumb founded. As my husband dragged me to their threadmill, I stepped on it slowly, and then quietly read the instructions written in front of me. One at a time, I click on the buttons, afraid that I might damage it. And then as it started, I did some warm ups, walking, and then brisk walking, and then did some jogging. My partner left me and did some weight lifting.

After some time, I went back to walking again, because I felt pain at the lower left of abdomen. My husband told me to stop, and then we moved to the weights section. There he shared to me some of the positions and then he chose the more appropriate weight for me (a little heavy but just enough to build some muscle) and showed demo for better whole body workout for me. I followed through. And as we progressed, I watched him from time to time. I noticed that as he did some of his moves (and even as he was removing his gloves – he said he’ll buy a pair for me too 🙂 ), I couldn’t help but glance back at him while I do mine. And inside I know that I have fallen in love again with the perfect guy for me. 🙂

They say that being married requires the two people to fall in love over and over again to the same person. It is loving another person despite their flaws and imperfections. My husband is not that handsome, but for me, no one can compare as to what God has chosen for me. I thank God for sending him to me, and I know that I am blessed (extra special) because God gave me more than what I deserve. Have I given the chance to repeat my life and choose another partner, I would still choose him. 🙂

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