Sunscreen Effect

Summer is just around the corner. And what’s best to do to prevent ourselves from getting bored and burnt under the heat of the sun? Most if us would love to go dipping into the pool or do sunbathing beside the beach. I love the feel of water on our hot and dry skin, and I enjoy doing some breast strokes and at times I would lie on my back and allow the water to move my body freely. Others love playing sports (beach volley or shoot some hoops in the neighborhood). Breaking some sweat makes us release the feel good hormone, endorphins, allowing us to be happy. Some of us loves joining fun runs. They would wake up early like 2 or 3 in the morning to finish a 5 or 10km run.

But what comes along as we spend our happy time under the sun? We get burnt. Some of us when stung by the rays of the biggest star, they immediately turn brown and it is hard for them to gain back their old skin tone. While for some that I know, they tend to only get red or pinkish skin after bonding with mister sun, and then return to their old tone after a few weeks or so without even trying too hard. Oh how I wish I can be like them. But sad to say, I am a part of the many that only regain their true colors after painting my body with few gallons of whitening body lotion twice a day. Not to mention, it has to be applied right after shower as their effect might not be maximized.

And since I am afraid of getting darker skin year after year of spending our summer under the torching heat of the sun, I always make time to apply sunscreen on my face and body. Even if it is rainy, I do apply them just because it became a habit to me. Most of the people I know apply a lot of sunscreen on their faces and body because they are afraid to get tanned. But what I explain to them always is that, the effect of SPF on our skin is not to prevent them from getting brownish in color (I am not sure if some of them have whitening effect though), but to protect us from the most damaging ultraviolet rays emitted generously by none other than our friendly mister sun. The side effect is then, it makes our skin darker (or some pinkish or reddish).

So there you have it. 🙂 I hope you don’t get confused with using sunblocks okay? And you are most welcome. 🙂

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